Fizzy Foaming Butterbrew Cauldron for One or a Crowd

This ridiculously easy 3 ingredient recipe is the best way to say hello to fall and goodbye to summer. You'll feel like you just stepped off the Hogwarts express once you have this yummy brew in your hands. This recipe uses only simple ingredients making it less sugary than most mock Butterbeers, which is more my speed. I just can't imagine knocking back a cauldron of syrupy sweet liquid so I concocted this lighter, more natural version. It's a cold float so it's perfect for early fall days before it gets chilly outside, and I guarantee you'll be surprised by how much it foams up without the addition of any funny chemicals, just a little bit of simple alchemy.



  • Apple Cider
  • Club Soda
  • Caramel Ice Cream or Non Dairy Alternative
  • Alcohol of Choice (Optional) Whiskey would work best with the flavors of this brew


You can adjust this recipe to fill one cup or a whole party sized cauldron.

Fill your vessel halfway with apple cider. If serving one person add a shot of booze to the apple cider. If serving a crowd I'd suggest letting your guests spike their own cup as they serve themselves from your cauldron.

Add a little bit of club soda so your liquid level is about 1/2 inch from the top of the cauldron or mug.

Scoop spoonfuls of caramel ice cream across the top of your cauldron. It should float to the top. Make sure there are little scoops covering the entire top surface of the potion rather than one large scoop in the center. It will foam better this way.

Once the top surface has good coverage from the ice cream pour as much club soda as you'd like... slowly. It will puff up, fizz and if you pour enough, will overflow into bubbly goodness. Be sure to add the club soda right before serving while your guests are watching so they can see the simple magic of your brew. Bonus points if you pour your club soda from a potion bottle!

If brewing in a large communal cauldron, use a ladle to serve.

As your potion deflates you can add a bit more club soda to help it fizz up again.