Witch Baby Soap's Motel Witch Collection Haunts My Summer Dreams

With the oppressive August temperatures hanging around I've been desperately wanting to get away to beat the heat. As a small business owner prepping for the holidays that isn't always possible so I'm stuck at home daydreaming about sand and soft serve. Imagine my delight when I opened my massive package from Witch Baby Soap! I was instantly transported back to the summer vacations I took as a child at the Jersey Shore. 

The scents and pastel hues playfully reminded me of the colorful painted motels with names like "The Sandpiper" or "Mermaid Inn," waiting in the lobby for my mother to get our room key while stuffing my pockets with Jolly Ranchers and stocking up on plenty of brochures. Taking a deep breath and knowing that we were steps from the ocean and months away from going back to school.

The nostalgia level goes over the top with the Collect Call bath bomb. I remember standing at plenty of pay phones on the boardwalk, calling back home to Philly to chat with friends and family who weren't lucky enough to escape to the beach that week.

1800-COLLECT is still burned into my mind.

The adorably spooky coffin bath bombs are possibly the stars of this collection. In three glittery pastel shades, they remind me both of sparkling sand as well as the many little nautical themed trinkets I'd splurge on in touristy gift shops all summer. 

I tried guess the scents of these bombs and I was actually pretty close on all three.

The Scents:

Magic Beach (green) - I guessed sea/ocean. Website says citrus, sea spray and agave.

Dream Palace (purple) - I guessed floral. Website says beachy florals and watermelon candy (there are those jolly ranchers!)

Heartbreak Hotel (pink) - I guessed cotton candy. Website says bubblegum.

I wasn't too far off on any of them. So often I find that scents don't match their descriptions online but these items are really delivering what the website promises!


The iridescent scrubs in the collection are so much fun. This one has the same scent as the Magic Beach bath bomb but I definitely detect more fresh lime. It reminds me of a citrusy drink and honestly made me pretty thirsty just smelling it.

I am such a huge fan of Witch Baby's bar soaps and these are just too adorable. The scents are delicious... Yes I said delicious. I've wanted to sink my teeth into a bar of soap since I saw Ren do it in Ren and Stimpy... which is probably part of the reason they decided that show wasn't for kids. The fact that these look like popsicles definitely doesn't help extinguish my craving for a sweet treat.


I'm just in love with this collection and the nostalgia it brought into my home. It takes the memories of beach fun I had as a kid and mixes them with the perks of being an adult (i.e. treating myself to spooky soaps.) Any time a company can take a great product and mix it with whimsical darkness I'm all about it. Witch Baby is definitely magical.

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