No Halloween Plans? Throw An Easy Last Minute Cereal Monster Mash!

Without a doubt, autumn is my favorite time of year. Spookiness seems to be the status quo for a few short weeks in October and I savor every moment of it. I tend to get so caught up in Halloween work, events, etc. that by the time the big day arrives I seem to have forgotten to make plans, or in my advancing age just don't have the energy to do a big night out. I've come up with a fun low key guide to a nostalgic, relaxing Halloween night - throw a 'cereal monsters' Monster Mash featuring fun snacks, festive drinks, cartoons and 90's sitcoms.

Photo via General Mills blog.

Photo via General Mills blog.


What you'll need:

  • Lots and lots of snacks.
  • Count Chocula and other festive cereal choices.
  • Spirits of your choosing.
  • 1-10 Friends, slightly chilled.
  • Adult Onesies - Can be found at most stores such as Target, Spencers Gifts, even Amazon.


Send a last minute text to your closest friends suggesting they come over and pick up a onesie on their way to your house. Not only does the adult onesie make and easy last minute costume but it is also perfectly comfy for hanging around watching movies with friends.

Prepare various snacks such as frozen pizza bagels - or make your own fancier version with little to no extra effort. Spinach and feta pizza bagels? Vegan roasted veggie? Sign me up. In terms of sweet snacks, set out a variety of cereals and milks so your guests can get cozy in front of the tv with a bowl of their favorite sugary treats. You can even serve shots of Bailey's to add to your bowls of cereal - an idea I got from an event called Toon's Spoons and Booze which I regularly attended back when I lived in Brooklyn.

Screenshot 2017-10-30 14.26.04.png

Mix up a house special drink such as this yummy Cereal White Russian from Buzzfeed Food, but of course you should top it with Count Chocula or Frankenberry to stay with the spooky festive theme. If you wanted to go really crazy you could even add a couple drops of food coloring to make it orange.

After you've set up those few food and drink items all you have to do is hang out and relax with friends. Queue up some Halloween episodes on Hulu or Netflix - Hulu recently added a bunch of amazing 90's tv shows like Full House and Family Matters which have amazing Halloween episodes, and Roseanne (who is known for having the best Halloween episodes ever) is available on Amazon streaming. You can also go the cartoon route and watch some Nicktoon's era greatness or even older with my list of eerie vintage Disney shorts that are sure to give you chills!

This last minute party idea is sure to make for a laid back but fun night and it's perfect since Halloween lands on a Tuesday this year. Who has the energy to go out all night after working during the day? Okay, maybe I sound really old right now, but still I don't want to sacrifice celebrating my favorite Holiday just because I might not want to go out on the town. Give me a big bowl of Count Chocula, a few close friends and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown playing on the tv. That sounds pretty cozy on a cool autumn evening.