DIY Mini Graveyard Terrarium

I'd been thinking for a while that it would be fun to make a cemetery terrarium but once I saw this one  on Burke Hare Co's Instagram I knew I had to do a DIY (or GIY - Goth It Yourself?) for this project because they are just too cute.

Over the past few years terrariums have become such a big trend - and with good reason. It is so much fun putting together little habitats full of air plants, geodes and other natural items. But what if you took the same idea and brought in some otherworldly fun?


Enter the mini graveyard. This project is super simple and should take you about a half hour to complete once you have all your materials.


What You'll Need:

  • 1 Vessel such as a cloche, wide mouth vase or hanging glass orb - I used a cloche from Target
  • Gravel or sand to line the bottom of your project
  • A strong adhesive - I used Magna-tac
  • Miniature decorative items such as pumpkins, signs, gravestones - Michaels and Joann's have a large selection of these. If you are a skilled sculptor and have the time you could even create your own!
  • Natural decorations such as fake sod, moss and twigs.
  • Scissors and tape may also be of help during this project.



Step 1: Select your vessel. There are tons of options out there these days since terrariums are such a huge trend. You could use any large jar, vase or orb. I decided on a halloween themed cloche from Target. Make sure you keep pets and small children in mind!

Step 2: Once you have your vessel fill the bottom with a layer of sand or gravel. If you do decide to use a cloche you may need to build up a rim so that your gravel stays in place. I used a piece of black tape and crimped it around the edges to make a barrier. You can use extra decoration later to hide the tape if it shows in your final product.


Step 3: Place your decorations and glue them down. Figure out where you want to put each of your gravestones and once you have a composition that you like clear away some of the gravel and add a bit of glue to each stone. Once they are secured you can build up more sand and gravel around them to make the scene look more natural. Smaller items like pumpkins may not need to be glued down and might look better resting on top of your ground covering rather than attached to the bottom. If you are using a deeper vessel like a vase you may not need to use any glue at all.


Step 4: Add natural elements to make your scene look more weathered and eerie. I added some faux spanish moss to my scene as well as some twigs I found outside and trimmed to the right height. These make perfect little trees! If you have enough room in your scene I'd also suggest hiding a small flameless candle in the background so you can create and eerie glow to your graveyard.


The various possibilities for different scenes you can create are almost endless. Let me know if you have any spooky ideas to customize your own haunted terrarium in the comments!